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How does a Health Home Work?

Individuals can be either found in the community and meet eligibility criteria, or can be assigned to Little Treasures directly by the Health Home. A brief overview of this process is outlined below:

  • The individual is located, engaged, and enrolled
  • Once enrolled, the Care Manager identifies areas of need and current providers in the individual’s care team, and makes referrals as needed to fill any gaps in services
  • The Care Manager and individual collaboratively build a care plan that outlines goals, barriers, and strengths
  • The Care Manager collaborates with the various treatment providers in the member’s care team to ensure individual compliance and continuity of care
  • If the individual is hospitalized or otherwise involved in a critical event, the Care Manager takes the lead on transitional care planning and stabilization

How much does it cost?

It does not cost you anything to enroll!  Enrollment into this program is completely voluntary and it is a Medicaid funded program for those who are eligible.

If you have Medicaid or a Medicaid Managed Insurance Plan or believe you may qualify for Medicaid, think about the following questions:

  • Do you have a chronic or mental health condition(s) that requires you to see your doctor regularly for care?    
  • Do you have a doctor within your neighborhood whom can see you whenever you need  it?  
  • How often did you go to the emergency room or hospital in the past six months or twelve months?
  • Do you have a safe place to live?
  • Do you need someone in your life to help you whenever you need help?
  • Are you able to keep track of your medical appointments?