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Early Intervention

New York State Early Intervention Program (NYSEIP):
Birth to Three Years Old


The New York State Early Intervention program along with early intervention services is designated for infants and toddlers from birth to age three (0-3 years old), who have or are suspected of having a developmental delay and/or disability. Children who are suspected of having a delay or disability are entitled to a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation will determine whether the child is eligible for early intervention services.

The comprehensive evaluation is then developed into an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) to address the specific needs of each child. Delays may be in any of the following areas: cognitive, physical, communication, social/emotional, and adaptive behaviors. Premature birth, down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, vision, and hearing impairments are all examples of diagnostic disorders that often lead to delays in a child’s development.

Early Intervention is a public program funded by New York State and county governments. All services provided under the Early Intervention program are provided at no out-of-pocket cost to parents, but your health insurance may be accessed for reimbursement for early intervention services provided to eligible children and their families.  There are no income requirements for this program. However, children must be New York State residents to be eligible for services. All children must be referred to the municipality to access Early Intervention Program services and the municipal agency’s telephone number (518) 473-7016. Eligibility for the Early Intervention Program can be determined only by State-approved evaluators under contract with the municipality. In cases where eligibility of a child is established, all needed early intervention services are identified and discussed in collaboration with the parent and must be authorized by the municipality. The municipality is responsible for the arrangement of service providers, considering the individual needs of the child and family to deliver services authorized by the municipality. Also, please note that when Early Intervention Services are delivered in child care settings or community locations that require a fee, the parent is responsible for paying any associated costs with such access to child care or community locations.